Music of Joel Smales is available from Steve Weiss Music, The Percussion Specialist and Empire Music Distributors (CA), or by contacting Joel for more information at


Another One
(Phantom Music)
- upbeat soca with room for solos
(House Panther Press)
- lots of close harmonies in this medium tempo tune
Juice Blenders
- bass feature with plenty of syncopation
Just a Moment Ago
- slow salsa, nice programming change
Mild Salsa
- fast, with plenty of spice!
Soca Sauce
- upbeat Soca with improv. section and plenty for percussion
Juice Blenders CD - Binghamton HS Steel Band performing original compositions
Baggage Claim CD - the follow up CD to the very popular debut CD by the Binghamton High School Steel Drum Band. Features mostly originals and some of our friends tunes.
(House Panther Press)
- a fun, upbeat, and very approachable tune for younger bands, using scale-like patterns and arpeggios. The tune is also advanced enough for more seasoned bands to add to their repertoire for a memorable song.
(House Panther Press)
- a groove oriented tune that can be played as a calypso or funky rock with a backbeat! A lot of tight harmonies and catchy rhythms carry this tune.
Mocha Jive
- a catchy upbeat tune for your steel band! Medium difficulty.



Hand Jam
- written with an African drumming flavor for 7 players
- a great opener call/response/South American street beat opener
Summer's Comin'
(House Panther Press)
- groove percussion with strong melodic lines for mallet players
The General
- a percussion octet for mallets and drumset along with various hand percussion and timpani. Dedicated to Jim Petercsak, this fun rock style piece gives your mallet players a chance to improv the blues. A fun, catchy melody and plenty of groove time for your drummer and conga player as well as a timpani solo.
Connecticut Groove
- written in the style of the rudimental swing snare drum solos and ensembles reminiscent of rope drumming regiments. 4 snare drummers who also play toms, cowbell, temple blocks and BD. Can be played by 5, 9 or 10 players.
Daring Dives
- a quartet for your young percussionists playing snare drum, tenor drum, bass drum, cymbal, woodblock and triangle. A very approachable ensemble to get your young percussionists playing together.
Slap Happy
- A fun & exciting body percussion piece for 4+ performers using hands, legs, chest, stomach and more!



Snare Drum Solo Collection
  - an easy to intermediate fun collection of 6 SD solos using rudiments and effects on the snare drum. Now in the NYSSMA manual!

Whisper for solo Marimba
 - a very melodic 4 mallet chorale for the intermediate marimbist (4.3 octave marimba required)

Forward Motion
 - an advanced multiple percussion solo for 8 concert toms with plenty of stick/mallet/brush changes

(House Panther Press)
 - a technically demanding snare drum solo using many traditional and hybrid snare drum rudiments.

(House Panther Press)
 - a very tonal 4 mallet marimba solo requiring independent mallet movement.

Festival Solo Collection
- a book of 6 level 2/3 mallet solos for the young mallet player. Catchy melodies make these a sure fire hit with your young performer as well as audiences. Perfect for contests, recitals and lessons

(House Panther Press)
 - a follow up to the popular Flambadextrous - a very difficult SD solo using traditional and hybrid rudiments, and, you guessed it, LOTS of flams!



Linear Drumming
- a straightforward approach to learning and incorporating linear drumming and fills. Recommended for the beginner as well as the person with experience playing in this style. "…this book could be called the Stick Control of linear drumming… this is a very logical introduction to linear drumming" Percussive Notes, Oct. 2003

Warm-Ups and Mind Reading for the Smart Percussionist
- a series of systematic warm-up exercises written in a manner to get you thinking about your technique and your mind off reading the musical page. "This collection offers many opportunities to develop creativity and technical levels, and could be used by both snare drummers and drumset players." Percussive Notes, Oct. 2003


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Joel Smales
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