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Binghamton City School District
Binghamton HS Steel Drum Band
Enerjee Jazz
Gill's Steel Drums - Trinidad
Pro-Mark Drumsticks
Grover Pro/SilverFox Percussion

Percussive Arts Society
Percussive Arts Society (NYS)
Binghamton Philharmonic
Tri-Cities Opera

Kendor Music Publishers
HoneyRock Publishing
Phantom Music
House Panther Press

Crane School of Music
PAS International Rudiments

Rhapsody Designs - band/corps design
Orchard Park Acoustic Barn Recording
Masterview Soundcraft Recording Studios

Steve Smith
Gordon Stout
Liam Teague
Billy Ward
Steven Porter
Marko Marcinko
James Armstrong
Tony Verderosa

Joel Smales
Performance, Recording, Composition
NYS Percussive Arts Society V.P.
Percussion Chair, NYSSMA