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**Featured articles**
Up-Close: Joel Smales
School Band & Orchestra Magazine Cover - October 2005       HTML version
Panning for Silver
Making Music Magazine - January 2007

Practice vs. Playing
BandWorld Magazine - October 2001 , Percussive Notes - December 2006
Listening vs. Hearing
BandWorld Magazine - October 2001
Eighth Note Rundown
Percussive Notes - June 2002
Practicing Without Your Instrument
Percussive Notes - April 2003
Back to School Basics (with Dr. Steven Porter)
School Band & Orchestra Magazine - August 2003
How to Build a Percussion Ensemble
School Band & Orchestra November 2003
The Percussion Section - Keeping Them Busy and Organized
School Band & Orchestra - November 2004
The Rhythm Section in the School Jazz Ensemble
Hybrid Snare Drum Rudiments
Percussive Notes - April 2005
Performing Programs on the Secondary Level
Phantom Publications
The School Percussion Ensemble
Writing in Band
School Music News - December 2005
Efficient Practicing *Adobe Reader needed*
Promark Website
Slow Practice
School Music News - December 2006
Warm-Ups and Mind Reading for the Smart Percussionist
Percussive Notes - Ocober 2003
Running a Summer Music Camp
School Band and Orchestra - June 2007       HTML version
An Interview with Gordon Stout
The Instrumentalist Magazine - November 2007



Another One (steel band chart)
Percussive Notes - October 2003
Percussive Notes - December 2005
Percussive Notes - April 2006
Forward Motion (multiple percussion solo)
Percussive Notes - February 2005
Hand Jam
Percussive Notes - December 2005
Juice Blenders
Percussive Notes - February 2006
Just A Moment Ago
Percussive Notes - December 2005
Linear Drumming (drumset book)
Percussive Notes - October 2003
Mild Salsa
Percussive Notes - December 2005
Snare Drum Solo Collection
Percussive Notes - February 2005
Soca Sauce
Percussive Notes - February 2006
Warm-Ups And Mind Reading for the Smart Percussionist
Percussive Notes - October 2003


Joel Smales
Performance, Recording, Composition
NYS Percussive Arts Society V.P.
Percussion Chair, NYSSMA